Further Archaeological Discoveries at Shurton

Archaeological work continues to progress at Shurton, despite the cold, the rain and the mud!

Pits just north of the Bronze Age enclosure are currently being excavated.  There is some evidence to suggest (from lumps of slag left behind) that metalworking took place here. Other finds include the butchered animal bones of cattle, sheep and goats and pottery dating to the Bronze Age.

You can visit the dig site every Thursday at 11am and see the archaeologists at work.  The Outreach Officer will be on hand to talk about the recent discoveries.  Meet by the new security fence in the field just north of Bum Brook, Shurton.  Don’t forget your wellies!

IMG_4340 (2)

South West Heritage Trust Outreach Officers – Rachel Bellamy and Jane Hill, discuss the archaeology with visitors.

You can also find out more by visiting the previous posts on this website or by looking at the new Hinkley Point, Shurton page.



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