What is archaeology?

Archaeology is the study of the material remains and the environmental evidence of people that lived in the past.

What do archaeologists do?

Archaeologists can work in many different roles including:

  • in a laboratory studying botanical, human or animal remains
  • teaching in a university or college
  • involvment with local authority planning decisions for new developments
  • as a consultant for developers
  • in a museum as a curator
  • as an illustrator
  • as a finds specialist or maritime archaeologist
  • as an experimental archaeologist
  • as a geophysical surveyor
  • in learning and outreach with local communities

Experimental Archaeology

The Hinkley Outreach team spent a fascinating day with Potter and Experimental Archaeologist, Bill Crumbleholme.  Under his tuition we learnt how to make prehistoric style pots using traditional techniques of hand building and decorating.


We recently commissioned Bill to make us some replicas of the Bronze Age beakers from Wick Barrow, near Hinkley Point.

Wick Barrow beakers

Wick Barrow beakers

Follow this link to learn more  www.crumbleholme.plus.com/Beakerfolk/beakerfolkwickbarrow.htm

Pottery making was a specialist job even several thousand years ago. Some of our attempts can be seen below!


Follow this link to find out more about Bill Crumbleholme’s work www.beakerfolk.co.uk

Follow this link to learn more about experimental archaeology www.ancientwessex.net

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