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Some visitor comments about the exhibition which closed on 11th April 2015

“I was delighted to see the Hinkley Point exhibition. It is a really good exhibition with those fabulous illustrations by Victor Ambrus (which took me back to childhood picture books!), good quality film footage and the Take One work as highlights”. 

“The best by far are the video panels, which bring the various digs and finds to life, clearly explained by articulate experts, concise and fascinating”.

“The pot replicas were fantastic”

‘Landscapes of Power, the History and Archaeology at Hinkley Point’ exhibition told the fascinating story of the landscape around Hinkley Point and the people who lived and worked here over thousands of years.  The story pulled together the wealth of finds from recent excavations with other sources such as historic maps, documents and images.  It also showed how the landscape has inspired and intrigued people over time.

This story started with the earliest beginnings 200 million years ago and finished with the building of the first nuclear power station in 1957.

‘Landscapes of Power, the History and Archaeology at Hinkley Point’ exhibition was on display at the Museum of Somerset, Taunton, from 17 January to 11th April 2015.

Take a look at our gallery to see us preparing for the exhibition:

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