Remembering the Rural Past with the Hinkley Outreach Team

On Friday 25 April the Hinkley Outreach team ran a reminiscence session with the Parmin Group, Taunton. The theme was ‘Food and Farming in the Past’ and the group were able to handle historic items from the Somerset Heritage Service loans collection. These included a butter churn, butter pats, a ginger beer bottle and a cider flagon and ladle. The objects prompted a lot of discussion amongst the group who were able to talk about working on farms, fruit and vegetable picking and picnics in the countryside. One of the group brought in some childhood photos of her family’s farm – milking a cow, tending a pig and feeding chickens. Although life in the country could be hard work, it was a healthy life and communities and family ties were strong. Thank you to the Parmin Group for sharing your memories and enthusiasm with us.


The Parmin Group, Taunton


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