This website is all about recent archaeological discoveries made at Hinkley Point.


Archaeological excavations are taking place ahead of EDF Energy’s proposed development of a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point  C. If constructed, it would be one of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe.  It occupies a space equivalent to 250 football pitches!

Excavation at Hinkley Point

Excavation at Hinkley Point

The planning process has identified seven areas of archaeological potential within the proposed development site.  Excavations are taking place to investigate these and record any discoveries.

EDF Energy is funding Somerset Heritage Service to run an archaeology outreach project across Somerset.  The project was launched on 8 March 2013 at the Museum of Somerset, Taunton. Explore this website to find out more about the archaeological discoveries, learning opportunities in schools, colleges and communities and exciting events for families.

Community excavation at Cothelstone Hill

Community excavation at Cothelstone Hill

Jane Hill and Rachel Bellamy job share the Learning Officer post for the project.  Rachel has worked as a field archaeologist, a teacher and as a learning officer in heritage. Jane has worked as an archaeological curator in museums, as a freelancer on heritage projects and has taught on archaeology courses.  They will be delivering the Hinkley Point C archaeology outreach project, organising events, activities and exhibitions throughout Somerset.

Hinkley girls

Jane and Rachel at the excavation site.

For further information about the project please contact us:
Email: jxhill1@somerset.gov.uk or rlbellamy@somerset.gov.uk
Call 01823 278805
Visit: Somerset Heritage Centre, Brunel Way, Norton Fitzwarren, Taunton TA2 6SF

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