12th November is Bridgwater History Day!

Bridgwater people have always been proud of their town’s history. Bridgwater History Day will be a pick and mix celebration of 7 topics from 700 years of local history.  It will be presented by 7 local historians using photos, film, music and short talks and in a format where everyone can join in and say what has made the town special through the centuries.

‘In Living Memory’ will be shown by Bob Croft, Historic Environment and Estates Manager for the South West Heritage Trust.  The film which was made by Justin Owen as part of the Hinkley Point Archaeology Outreach project, reveals the memories of Mary Wills who lived at Benhole Farm, Stogursey in the 1920s.  Although the farmhouse burnt down around the time of World World Two, three of the barns remained which were later demolished to make way for the building of Hinkley C power station.  If you can’t make the day don’t worry as you can see all of the films made for the project here on this website or at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgf0BHf5pD9GulfGjbf_3Zgon

More information about Bridgwater History Day can be found at http://westoverward.co.uk/november-12th-bridgwater-history-day/


There will also be a FREE social event in the evening at the Bridgwater Arts Centre theatre. The event called ‘Bridgwater Celebrity Video Jukebox’ is an interactive one.  If you grew up or spent time in Bridgwater, you are invited to choose two pieces of music to show and then say a few words about them.


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