Archaeology Fun at the Avalon Marshes Centre!

Students from Stogursey primary school enjoyed a recent visit to the Avalon Marshes Centre at Shapwick. The children took part in a variety of history themed activities. They learnt how to be an archaeologist by exploring the ‘dig tray’ and finds sorting trays.  They investigated the newly constructed Roman dining room and Saxon hall and learnt about the differences in building materials.  Then they were able to make a Roman bulla to wear round their neck, filling it with their own newly hammered Roman coin.  The hypocaust in the Roman building was fired up and children learnt about underfloor heating, taking temperature readings and recording on wax tablets.  The day concluded with the now legendary battle between the Romans and the Celts!  More pictures coming soon!

Thank you to Stogursey primary school for helping us to trial these sessions and well done for your enthusiasm and fantastic behaviour!




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