Stroke Club Remember The Past

The Hinkley Point Archaeology Outreach team spent lunchtime today with members of the Clovermarle Stroke Club in Taunton.  The club was given an introduction to the archaeological work undertaken at Hinkley Point and a reminiscence session on food and farming.

Members of the club enjoyed handling objects from the South West Heritage Trust, including butter pats, a bean slicer, bolt extractor and an insecticide sprayer. They listened to an oral history interview with Mary Wills who grew up at Benhole Farm near Hinkley Point.  Copies of Mary’s childhood photographs (pictured above) were handed around and discussed.

It was wonderful to hear memories from people including growing fruit and vegetables to share with neighbours, picking teasels and making jam!

Further information about how to book reminiscence sessions run by the South West Heritage Trust can be found at reminiscence sessions

Further information about the Clovermarle Stroke Club can be found at



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