Celts V. Romans, 2-0, at the Avalon Marshes Centre!


P1010671On Saturday 11th June the newly formed Mick Aston Young Archaeologists’ Club (MAYA) took part in a range of exciting activities at the Avalon Marshes Centre.  The event was supported by the Hinkley Point Archaeology Outreach team and other members of the South West Heritage Trust and volunteers.  The children got ‘hands-on’ making pewter name initials and Bronze Age style beakers as well as having a tour of the Iron Age round house, and the new Roman and Saxon buildings.

Perhaps the highlight of the day were the two battles between the Romans and the Celts. The children got to ‘join’ the Roman army, received their coins as payment and were then drilled by their leader ‘Marc Anthony’ in formations including the ‘tortoise’. The Celts painted ‘wolf’ banners, painted their faces with pretend woad and learnt some scary chants.  Into battle they went. The Romans advanced with their shields and the Celts threw their ammunition and a lot of fun was had!  The result, Celts 2. Romans 0!  Some great photos can be seen at https://twitter.com/mayasomerset

The club is open for anyone age 8-16 years and further information can be found by contacting Liz Caldwell, yac@sanhs.org, http://www.yacsomerset.co.uk/




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