Mud, Glorious Mud!

The recent wet weather has meant that working conditions for Cotswold Archaeology are rather muddy and difficult.  However work still continues, even in the rain and the photographs here were taken at last week’s site visit.

The site is immediately north of Shurton Lane, on land which will be landscaped and planted for Hinkley Point C. The excavation area lies in two fields divided by a hedge; site 6 to the west of it and site 7 to the east.

The photos above show the depth of the Bronze Age enclosure ditch on site 6.  Quantities of Bronze Age pottery and butchered animal bone are still being recovered from inside the ditch.  The inside of the enclosure seems to be absent of any structures or finds.

The photographs below show the start of excavation on site 7.  A few pits have been excavated but do not seem to have much in the way of finds, apart from some bits of post-medieval pottery.

Dark lines visible in the ground stretching in both directions in the northernmost part of the field (see below) are being investigated.  These could be the remains of field boundaries, perhaps dating from the post-medieval period.


Dark lines visible in the ground across site 7 (looking south)




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