Archaeology Drop-In at Shurton

Several Shurton locals braved the cold weather last week and came along to find out about the archaeological work taking place here.

Cotswold Archaeology are currently excavating a Bronze Age enclosure.  The enclosure ditch shows up as dark coloured markings in the soil (see in the photograph with the digger above). The discovery of postholes which are all that remain of upright timbers, indicate that wooden structures once stood here.  Archaeologists think that a wooden gate was at the entrance of the enclosure.  We don’t yet know what the enclosure was used for.

The outreach team from the South West Heritage Trust will be here again on Thursday 21st January at 11am, to talk about the latest discoveries.  We will be close to the perimeter fence on the southern side (just north of Bum Brook), so do come and say hello.


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