Archaeological Excavations at Hinkley Point C – Southern Boundary, Shurton

WP_20151210_008The final round of archaeological excavations are starting on the southern boundary of Hinkley Point C.  The excavations are taking place prior to EDF carrying out landscaping works.  When the landscaping is complete it will be planted and become a permanent feature between Shurton and Hinkley Point C.

Cotswold Archaeology are excavating here because geophysical surveying in 2009 identified a possible enclosure and other archaeological features. Trial trenches dug in 2010 confirmed a Bronze Age enclosure and cremation urn and Iron Age ditches.

A re-directed footpath will enable visitors to see the archaeologists at work from outside the fence.  Learning & Outreach Officers from the South West Heritage Trust, will be here on Thursday 17th December at 11am to discuss the archaeology.

Note – There will be no outreach visit on 24th or 31st December 2015. Visits will re-commence on Thursday 7th January 2016.  


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