Unseen Photographs of the 1907 Wick Barrow Excavation

Unseen photographs of the 1907 excavation of Wick Barrow have recently been donated to the South West Heritage Trust.  The photos were handed over to Rachel Bellamy, Learning Officer on the Hinkley Point archaeology outreach project, at a meeting of the West Somerset Village History Society.

The photographs show details of the Neolithic burial mound being excavated and were taken by Rev. John Sorby, Rector of Enmore.  He can be seen in some of the photographs along with his two sisters.  The dig was led by Harold St George Gray of the Somerset Archaeological & Natural History Society (SANHS) in partnership with the Viking Club.  He discovered pottery beakers, flint tools and human skeletal remains dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age.

The photographs are an exciting addition to the existing Wick Barrow archive, part of the SANHS collection, at the Somerset Heritage Centre, Taunton.

Don’t forget that you can watch a video about the folklore and history of Wick Barrow at


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