Local Children Dig Stogursey

Children from Stogursey primary school recently helped out on an archaeological dig at Stogursey, Somerset. The children took  part in an excavation here a couple of years ago, so after a health and safety briefing they got stuck in, helping to trowel and sieve and also to wash finds.  The aim of the excavation was to locate the lost medieval village and finds of pottery, clay tobacco pipe, brick and tile, all point to past human activity here.

The children were trained up by the Hinkley Point archaeology outreach project team, part of the South West Heritage Trust.  One of the project’s aims has been to run small test pit excavations to teach children and adults about the process of archaeology.

The children also went on a guided walk to find out about local history and discover the landscape around them.  A surveying and drawing exercise showed them that old walls and doorways were just as important as written records.

Thank you to the children of Stogursey primary school for their enthusiasm, hard work and excellent behaviour!


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