Richard Huish Archaeology Students Dig at Stogursey

A group of A level archaeology students recently took part in an excavation in Stogursey. The students from Richard Huish College were trained by the Hinkley Point archaeology outreach team, from the South West Heritage Trust.  The dig took place on farmland in Stogursey and is part of the Fairfield archaeology research project, with the aim of locating the lost medieval village.  Members of the research group came along to help out.

Students learnt how to use tools such as mattocks, trowels and sieves, safely.

Neolithic arrowhead

Neolithic arrowhead

Some interesting finds were discovered, including 12th century grey ware medieval pottery and a Neolithic flint arrowhead, all clues to human activity here in the past.

The students were also led on a walk to explore the local historic landscape. They learnt about maps, ancient walls, parkland and the archaeology of Hinkley Point, visible in the distance.

Redtail the caterpillar

Redtail the caterpillar

Visiting wildlife included a toad in the trench and ‘Redtail’ the hairy caterpillar!

To find out more about A level archaeology at Richard Huish college go to


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