A Trip Down Memory Lane at EDF’s Visitor Centre, Bridgwater


Rachel Bellamy (pictured left) from the Hinkley Point Archaeology Outreach team, took part in EDF’s recent ‘Trip Down Memory Lane’.  The event which was held last week at the EDF Visitor Centre, Bridgwater, celebrated the history of nuclear power in Somerset. Rachel was on hand to take visitors further back into the past, sharing her knowledge of the Prehistoric, Roman and Saxon archaeology discovered on the site of Hinkley C and the Cannington by-pass.  Over 95 visitors were able to handle a range of artefacts ranging from animal bone, flint tools, pottery and coins and explore a time-line of historical events at Hinkley. Rachel commented ‘It was lovely to meet so many families from the local area. The children really enjoyed touching the finds, especially the coins!”


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