Hinkley Archaeology Goes To Richard Huish College

On Tuesday I gave a talk about the Hinkley Point and Cannington by-pass excavations to A Level archaeology students at Richard Huish College, Taunton.  The students had the opportunity to handle archaeological finds discovered at both sites, the earliest being a barbed and tanged arrowhead dating from the Bronze Age  Other finds included an Iron Age finger ring and Roman brooches, bracelets, bone pins and coins.

Students also learnt about the varied jobs that archaeologists do, including research, excavation, geophysics, post-excavation, site monitoring and community outreach.

This was a unique opportunity to find out about the roles of Cotswold Archaeology and the South West Heritage Trust working together.  The Hinkley Point Archaeological project is probably the largest project of its type taking place in Europe and is funded by EDF Energy.

To find out more about A level archaeology visit http://www.huish.ac.uk/courses/archaeology/about-the-course/

Jane Hill, Learning Officer


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