Bank Holiday Saxon Fun!

King Alfred.  Spot the jewel!

King Alfred. Spot the jewel!

Visitors to the Museum of Somerset yesterday, enjoyed a range of Saxon themed activities.  The weather was warm and sunny, perfect for being outdoors where most of the activities took place.  Families were able to have a go at wood turning on a pole-lathe, stone carving, coin striking, pottery making and had the opportunity to play some games. An exciting trail led them inside to see some of the museum’s many treasures and to hear our storyteller at work.

Visitors were also able to see the ‘Landscapes of Power – The Archaeology and History of Hinkley Point’ exhibition, now in its final week.  Don’t forget to visit before it comes down – last day 11th April 2015!

“An excellent presentation, thank you” Stolford, Wick and area residents.

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