Update on Cannington Dig

I visited the Cannington dig last week to see how work on the excavation was progressing.    Luckily the rain held off for my visit and the archaeologists could be seen on site recording features such as rubble wall foundations and cobbled surfaces.   Visible on the surface were smashed lias slates.  It looks like there were at least two phases of building with some re-modelling taking place here.  The corridor of Roman building 3  is about 25 metres long.   Also of interest was a spread of burnt material lying on top of the natural outcropping sandstone.  This was probably moved here from elsewhere.

Roman building 3 (7)

Corridor of Roman building 3

Roman building 3 (10)

Archaeologists recording the rubble wall foundations of building 3

Burnt material

Burnt spread (dark coloured patches)



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