Filming and Photography on the Cannington By Pass Excavation

This week saw Justin Owen, film maker and Pauline Rook, photographer, capturing some key moments on the Cannington by pass excavation. Justin interviewed the archaeologists to get their impressions of the excavation. Pauline photographed the archaeological techniques used by archaeologists, including mattocking and trowelling, digital recording, surveying and even directing the bulldozer! The unfolding story of life here over thousands of years, will be seen in an exhibition to be held at the Museum of Somerset, Taunton from January 2015. More details about the excavation at Cannington will follow soon.


Pauline  Rook photographing one of the archaeologists.  This is a re-cut ditch containing Roman pottery, building material and animal bone.


Justin Owen and sound recordist Lucy Croft, interviewing Somerset county archaeologist, Bob Croft.


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