Cannington Court Archaeological Excavation

EDF Energy, in partnership with Bridgwater College, is currently restoring Cannington Court in Cannington, near Bridgwater as a state of the art training centre for all EDF Energy employees in the UK. During the recent construction work for the new garden area at Cannington Court archaeological excavations have revealed part of the former 13th century priory complex.  Wessex Archaeology have been carrying out the work here.

It is the first opportunity for archaeologists to investigate the site, and whilst the presence of these remains was suspected, these recent investigations offer the first solid evidence of their survival.

Ancillary buildings associated with the secular (non-religious) use of the site have been identified, and recording and excavation of the walls, rooms and associated features has continued over the last 5 weeks.

Whilst excavations on the site have now come to a close, the painstaking and laborious work of cleaning, identifying the interpreting the finds and other evidence will begin, and take several months to complete. Once complete, a report will be produced and the finds and archive deposited with Somerset Heritage Centre.


A view of Cannington Court


Remains of 13th century walls


Jane and Rachel in front of their Hinkley outreach stand


Visitors to the recent open afternoon at Cannington Court


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