Mark First School Visit To Wick Barrow

Mark First School visited the Wick Barrow nature reserve next to Hinkley Point power station.  They are one of the schools participating in the Take One project, which uses the Bronze Age beakers found inside Wick Barrow as a focus for creative and cross-curricular work.  Guides from EDF Energy were on hand to help teaching staff and children explore the reserve. In addition to this, Rachel Bellamy Learning Officer at Somerset Heritage Centre, was able to bring the history of Wick Barrow alive, aided by ‘Bob Fossil’ the nickname given to our replica skeleton!  Children learnt about the human burials found inside the mound and were able to question who they were and what their lives would have been like.  The children were also able to build pixie houses, inspired by the legend of the Wick Barrow pixie.


Children from Mark First school in front of Wick Barrow

Hindu wedding 2013 year 4 013

Copying a crouched Bronze Age burial with the help of ‘Bob Fossil!’


A pixie house!


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